Friday, December 05, 2008

Super Slacking... But here is an Update!

I've been slacking on blogger lately!! Tons of things have happened since I've last been on here! I don't even know where to start!
I need to find an Etsy person to feature!! Please comment here if you would like to be featured on my blog and I will pick a random winner!!
I did a couple giveaways on my blog and a few people never sent out the item to the winner so I'm going to hold off on the giveaways for a while... Or I'll set it up to where if you would like to host a giveaway then have them send it to me so I can make sure the winner will receive it...
How was every one's Thanksgiving? We spent it with my in laws... NEVER did that in the almost 10 years Dean and I have been together. It wasn't as bad as I thought. But I still missed my family like crazy! My moms cooking is the best!
I still can't get over Christmas just being right around the corner!!
Sadly to say but I'm just not doing it this year! I'm getting a couple gifts for the kids and that's about it. I didn't even do cards this year.... I'm just not in a Christmas spirit I guess. Times are hard! But then again Dean and I have always waited to get each others gifts when taxes come or we take a family vacation which is better to me anyway since we get family time and we can go where we want and have wonderful memories!! We spoil our kids everyday of the year so I think they will be fine this year with just a couple of gifts LOL.
I did find a few cute recipes I would like to make for Leilani's teacher and a few friends and stick them in cute boxes to give away as gifts... I just hope they turn out good LOL.
My brother in law has been living with us since October.... He has been a huge help but can be a pain in the ass but what can I say we love him and he does help out a ton! Dean is helping him join the ARMY which is really good for him! The ARMY has done nothing but great things for Dean so I know it will work out for JB!! He's a great kid and this is his opportunity to make a great life for himself!! He leaves to boot camp in Jan. We will all miss him but we are very proud of him!
Let's see what else... Leilani brought home another progress report from school and is doing great! Her reports are always better and better she is doing great in school and she loves it! AJ is getting bigger and is such a big help to me during the day!! He is all about trains! My wonderful neighbors, Mary, Bryan, and Tyler gave him a HUGE train table with wooden and plastic trains and probably over 100 trains!!!! He is in train heaven when he plays with it! We play with him everyday and I'm amazed just watching him put the tracks together. We have the best neighbors! I looked for a train table and all the accessories and for that one they gave us... on craigslist this one person was selling it for over 700 dollars and thats did not include everything Mary gave AJ!! So I know that was a lot of money!! I'm just so grateful they thought of AJ and Leilani!!
Well I better get my butt ready to stand out in the cold to pick up Leilani from the bus stop... YES, I am finally letting her take the bus LOL... I was a paranoid mom in the beginning but I've met the bus driver and she seems really nice so I'm somewhat a little less paranoid haha. Gosh I can't imagine both of my babies going to school!! AJ has 2 more years to go AHHH!!!!
Again please comment if you would like your Etsy shop to be featured!!!!