Monday, June 30, 2008

Another boring day....

I miss my hubby...
Soldier's Kiss
The kids and I didn't do much today just catching up on more episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8!!
Leilani found a couple of mine and Dean's mp3 players and I put some songs on there for her and AJ... Thank God she found 2 so that they wouldn't fight!
They were walking all over the house listening to them dancing it was pretty funny.
I went to Walmart today to return something... And let me tell you some days I love walmart other days I can't stand them! Some of the people that work at my walmart are okay others are just errrrr....
But yeah that was pretty much our day... BORING!
I have one load of laundry to fold and its sitting on my bed looking at me... I'm tempted to just kick it off my bed and go to sleep... But I won't because it needs to be done and tomorrow is an early day for the kids and I... BLEH!
To my hubby:
I Miss You
I Love You
Sorry for being grouchy yesterday... LMAO.... If I could just be there with you right now Sad
We miss you soooooo much Daddy!
Do good and we are very proud of you!!!
Sending you a million billion Hugs And Kisses
And one good back rub!
I Love You
Love Always ,
Your Wifey


Sunday, June 29, 2008

One question.....

Why have a cell phone if you aren't going to answer it?????
Yes, I'm mighty grouchy right now!
I have a ton of stuff to get done and here I sit in hell while my wonderful husband is living it up in my favorite state with our bestfriend!
They say I'm grouchy...
You stay in hell with your two kids who have done nothing but act up all day long, try to get all this shit done, in the mean time your hubby is having a blast in the place YOU want to be!!
UGH whatever!
I can't wait till we move and get the hell out of this freaking place!
Grouch Day 1


Oh my lovely day.....RIGHT!

House Cleaned Purple check Mark
Clothes washed, folded, and put away Purple check Mark
Last night sucked! I was sleeping just fine till Hugo woke up crying at 1 am!! He didn't have to go potty so I think he just misses Dean... Which is odd because I'm the one that lets him sleep in the bed!
ERRR I need to go get my driver's license!! Stupid TN doesn't have any DMV's open on Sat, Sun, or Mon!! WTF?!?! That's one thing not checked off my list errr!
Here are some pictures I got off my cell phone...
My Baby Hugo!!
He's getting sleepy....
Yeah he is pooped!
Leilani's First day with glasses... This was months ago....
AJ just being AJ
Me and Leilani
It was a sunny day but it was still cold! This was back in March or April I think...
Leilani being goofy!!
AJ taking a break from walking the trails to pose.... Don't mind my Mother in law's funky boots in the background! LOL
Leilani shopping in the museum LOL
Leilani at the Easter party!! Doesn't she look big????
AJ being cute!
This picture cracks me up every time!!
The Kiddo's
Aww my hubby sleeping... He doesn't know I took this... But he will find out soon hahaha
I love you!!
My doggie is too funny!
Dean's day of surgery... His nose was bleeding bad so the nurse made him do this.. LOL still sexy to me!!
Me... Can you see AJ....
Leilani and I before we went to the Strawberry farm
St.Louis Arch
Our night at O'Charley's
Leilani took these pics of me and AJ can ya tell?