Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Our day in Nashville

Leilani was more photogenic today then AJ... Which usually happens!!

After we took pictures we went over to the mall and got AJ a new pair of Nike's since his brand spanking new air force ones we just got a couple weeks ago no longer fit!! What is it with this boy and his growing feet!!!

Then we went to get BBQ for dinner and HOLY crap that pulled pork sandwich was sooooo good! Even the beans were good! Now its time to chill out and relax... I have a lot more pictures to add but I'll do that later I'm so stuffed!!
Please click the pics to make them bigger...



Bina said...

Wow! She is just beautiful!!!!!!

Where did you go in Nashville? I keep meaning to take the kids to Grassmere but I can never remember!!!!!!

Kahana said...

Kat seriously the kids are sooo adorable! AJ looks JUST like you and Leilani is gorgeous!!! I love the pictures, especially that horse one hahaha too funny. The one of Leilani givin Aj kisses is super cute too.