Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm so ready to take a trip and get out of here! Even for a day would be nice!!
I did start a new hobby! I brought out all my jewelry making supplies that I've had but never did... and I've been making jewelry all day!! Not to be modest or anything but dang they came out good!
I'll take pictures and post them!!

I made mommy and me bracelets and pearly necklaces to a little ring for leilani... I've made a total of 17 items today!! I'm on a roll! I'm going to add them to my Etsy shop too!! Who knows maybe I'll make money off of them!! Some I'll be keeping since I made a few to match my summer dresses...
So if anyone is in need for some jewelry let me know LOL
I'll post pictures soon... I'm all pooped out right now...
Our stupid cable/telephone/Internet provider SUCKS!!!! Internet has been off and on for the past 2 weeks now!!! Almost like they want us to have a certain time slot to be on..... UGH! They are suppose to be sending someone out to see what is the deal since there has been no outages.... All I can say is I'm so ready to move!!


Kahana said...

How cute!!!! We want some ;) You are so crafty! :D