Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Poor Hubby!

My hubby went in for surgery today.... He had to get 2 plates and 8 screws taken out from his jaw.... Poor guy.
He had surgery about 4 years ago to correct his under bite when they did that they put screws, plates, broke his jaw and pushed it back, and also had gortex implants in his cheeks....
Last year he had the implants taken out cause they were causing so much pain for him. Even to the touch.... Just picture little AJ head butting him!! OUCH! The last time AJ did that Dean said these gotta come out cause he was spitting up blood. So, those came out last year....
Now today the screws and plates came out... His doctor was a great guy kept me posted on what was going on. Dean is on a ton of meds again! I keep having to yell at him to rest!! So he is laying on the pullout sectional and I'm sitting right here watching him! HAHA!
After Dean's surgery he went to get dressed and all the sudden his nose was just gushing! The nurse said it was from him bending down.
Oh and before I forget he said the sweetest thing to me before he went in for surgery!!
"I love you because you posses all the perfect qualities that a man could ever ask for in a woman, wife, and mother."
That made me feel so good and that was before they gave him the meds hahaha!!
I love my ARMY man!!!
Speaking of my ARMY man....
Donate to support our troops!! Anything helps!


SissyMerks said...

I hope he gets to feeling better soon. He sounds like a pretty good guy to me. Take good care of him! :-)

Bina said...

Dang! That sounds painful!!!! I can't imagine having those in there for four years!!!!!

My ex (Miles from Kauai) had his jaws broken when he first went in the military. But they just wired them shut for six weeks. They didn't put anything in there! He had an underbite as well.

What's really weird is my two boys by him have perfect teeth. But my daughter, but my second husband, had an underbite. She was in this contraption for 15 months when she was four, that she just had to wear at night. She was so young that it was corrected that way. Then braces when she had her 8 front permanent teeth when she was about 9 or 10. Now at 12, she had a full set of braces but has beautiful teeth. The thing is, I have perfect teeth and her dad's aren't that bad, so I don't know where she got her bad teeth from!