Monday, June 30, 2008

Another boring day....

I miss my hubby...
Soldier's Kiss
The kids and I didn't do much today just catching up on more episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8!!
Leilani found a couple of mine and Dean's mp3 players and I put some songs on there for her and AJ... Thank God she found 2 so that they wouldn't fight!
They were walking all over the house listening to them dancing it was pretty funny.
I went to Walmart today to return something... And let me tell you some days I love walmart other days I can't stand them! Some of the people that work at my walmart are okay others are just errrrr....
But yeah that was pretty much our day... BORING!
I have one load of laundry to fold and its sitting on my bed looking at me... I'm tempted to just kick it off my bed and go to sleep... But I won't because it needs to be done and tomorrow is an early day for the kids and I... BLEH!
To my hubby:
I Miss You
I Love You
Sorry for being grouchy yesterday... LMAO.... If I could just be there with you right now Sad
We miss you soooooo much Daddy!
Do good and we are very proud of you!!!
Sending you a million billion Hugs And Kisses
And one good back rub!
I Love You
Love Always ,
Your Wifey



SissyMerks said...

Sorry you are missing your hubby so much. Hang in there Honey!! ((HUGS))