Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I can't stand going to the DMV!

Since my drivers license expires soon I woke up MAD early to go down to the DMV!
I get there at 6:30 am thinking I'm going to beat everyone in there...
There was a line wrapped around the building and I was the only one that brought my kids...
Didn't matter that I brought them anyway they were well behaved.
So, I'm waiting in line for an hour....
This DMV lady goes to each person in line asking if everyone has what they need...
I'm about 3-5 people away from getting my license renewed...
Well the lady comes over and asked what I need I tell her I just need to renew and my license is from WA state.. She asks me if I have everything I show her... Well she sees I was born in the Philippines from my birth certificate and asks if I have a born abroad... I did!! PHEW!
I need the freaking original! I only had a copy! Then she sent me over to this man so that I could get an address or whatever for the born abroad... well he didn't know what the hell he was doing... and looked at me like I was some kind of damn alien because I was born in the Philippines! I would have this probably if I wasn't like in the freaking country where you hardly see any filipinas! I knew I should have taken care of this crap before we left WA!
Now I'm stuck having to get one here in this stupid state!
So I wasted an hour getting the kids and I ready and another hour waiting in that damn line!
So now my mom has to overnight me everything!
This wouldn't have happened if she would just give me the original to all my stuff! I'm grown and married with kids.....
This is not the first time I've had problems!
Dean and I went to Victoria,BC, Canada... and when it was time for us to board the boat back to WA they said that I was not a US citizen...WTF! My dad is MILITARY and yes I am a US citizen! They really didn't want me going to WA they were going to deport my ass back to the Philippines! I haven't been there since I was freaking 2! I just kept thinking my husband better get me the hell out of this situation! If he left me in Canada oh he wouldn't have heard the last of me! HAHA They just told me I needed my born abroad certificate and all my documents next time we come back... Well SHIT now I'm terrified to go back I might get left behind haha!
Needless to say they let me back and all was good...

So that has been my lovely morning... I even did my hair and did my makeup good cause I wanted to have a good picture unlike my last UGLY one!
DAMN this sucks!
But hey I got into some shorts that I haven't worn since before I had Leilani!! Yup that's right I'm losing weight! I'll be losing more once I get to my moms and get to work out and swim while they watch the kids!!
I'm gonna get skinny like I was when Dean and I first started dating!
I'll try my hardest anyway... You know what screw that... I WILL!!!
I want him to come home and be like DAMN now that is my WIFEY! haha...
Not like I'm fat or anything right now I just want to lose my chunk LOL
Well I hope my day gets better it's only 9 am! UGH!



kristi said...

I just had my license redone. I got my photo back and I look like a big orange. Seriously, my skin is orange. ?? WTH??

PJ said...

This is so frustrating and kind of discriminating. I am also a half-filipino and half-american and I experienced the same thing here at DMV California .