Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm getting older!!!

In 9 days I'll be one year older!!
The best present that anyone could ever give me is the gift of gas money so I can see my husband!!
Sad thing is... I'M SERIOUS!!!
With my husband being military I see him for every other one of my bdays.....
My birthdays are never fun anymore its like another regular day...
I really want to be with my hubby... I don't need anything else nor do I want anything else...
Just my hubby!!
After this rough day especially!!
***Make your checks payable to me, send cash, or I can take visa, mastercard,
american express, discover, and debit VIA paypal...***
Hey if it works awesome! If not, can't say I didn't try hahaha
So after the DMV today the kids and I came home and went back to bed and AJ is still sleeping its 1 in the afternoon!!