Monday, June 23, 2008

As Ate Angie would say...

Family + Bubble Tea= Happy :)
Saturday, we met up with Ate Angie and Kuya Edwin as a bye "for now"....
They treated us to bubble tea and Mexican food for lunch! Which they shouldn't have because it was our turn!!
And they bought Leilani and AJ the CUTEST little stuffed animals!!

I thought that was super sweet how they read my blog and found out AJ loves peguins!!

AJ named his Happy Feet and Leilani named her puppy Brownie!

They can go online with them too!!
They don't go to bed without them and they are always taking them in the car and making them sit in the middle with the seat belt!! LOL
Thank you both soooooo much for Saturday! We all had a blast! We are going to miss you both so much!
I promise that if we go to Cali we will most definitely hang out and you can show us what Cali has to offer!!
Oh now let me get back to that Bubble Tea!! We haven't had good bubble tea since we left Washington! I LOVED my green mango! That was yum!!!
And Mexican food for lunch oh gosh that was good! We ordered chicken nachos and that was the best nachos I've had! Dean and I are still talking about it!!!
I'm going to miss you both!
DON'T leave us in HELLSVILLE!!!
We woke up and went out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast...
Dean was hungry and I didn't feel like cooking so we said fine let's go!
Gosh this is starting to make it seem like all we do is go out and eat... Trust me we really don't.... I do cook!! haha
We watched that one show called 30 days...
Here is the one we saw....
It has truly made me think twice about a lot!
I'm now no longer eating beef...
I would love to just cut all of the animal stuff out of my diet but that would just be tough with the kids and Dean eating it....
I did cut pork out of my diet after that whole Vancouver deal.... UGH! My family thought I was nuts but oh well!
I have started looking into more vegetarian recipes and today I had a coleslaw that was vinegar based and that was really good!
If you have any good recipes please do share!!!


Anonymous said...

Bubble tea?? I have never heard of it.
Regardless, it's always hard to lose good friends. I hope you had a great "hoorah" with them.
Good luck on your new diet plan. I'll keep my eyes and hears open if I notice anything. :o}
BTW- I am in West TN. I don't see your email addy or I would email ya with my info and why I thought you were closer! hee hee

Sabby said...

aw, she named her dog brownie!!!! She really is turning out to be like me =D