Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where do I start!?!?

happy birthday
Happy Birthday to my Bestie Julie!!
Love ya!!
I hope that your day brings you nothing but happiness!!
OH and call me sometime!! I called you the other day but no answer :(
Today the kids and I went to the movies with a friend of mine and her son & little brother... We watched some Veggie Tales movie... The kids loved it... That's all that counts LOL... Just glad it was free haha....

Oh I just have to leave the best part for last.... Dean got promoted!! Whooohooo another step up the ladder! I'm so proud!! Now I can't wait till July to find out if his warrant packet goes good!! OH I can't wait!! What I really want is for the ARMY to say okay time to move pack up shop and let's get the hell outta here! haha
Oh I have more to tell but I will write it tomorrow... I'll have pics included in that one!!