Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband!!

My hubby is 27 today!! Whoohoo!!
So last night I tried to catch him off guard and take him out to dinner but he was so tired so I said scratch that... Since AJ kept telling him about the dang cheesecake and Leilani kept bugging me about it... I ended up giving it to him last night. Damn candles blew out before I could get up the stupid stairs with them!
So last night he had his work clothes in the washer but needed to switch them out so I thought it would be a good opportunity to put out his bday present on the table so when he got up he would see it... So I offered to switch out the clothes so he could just go to bed...
I also packed his lunch and stuck a slice of red velvet cake in his lunch box which he loves! With a little birthday note...
This morning his alarm goes off he gets up and does the daily routine... I finally heard him walk in the dinning room and all I could hear was him laughing a little (like when someone is surprised but also going aww at the same time kinda sound) then I hear all the tissue paper coming out of his present after he read all of our cards. Then he came back to bed and said thank you to all of us and said we were the best!!
So we will probably go out to dinner tonight or this weekend!! I got him a gift card to his favorite restaurant!!
We haven't been in a while so I thought it was a nice thing to do...
It's going to be bittersweet this Saturday!! My cousin's (Ate Angie & Kuya Edwin) live down towards Nashville and we are going to go meet up with them to have a last outing with them.... They are moving to Cali!!! Must be nice to get our of Helleessee!! Pack me with you!!!
It's going to be nice to see them but so sad that we won't be able to see them for a while!
Who knows maybe we will be back to Washington and I know I'll see them for sure there! Family!!
All I know is that I'm so ready to move from this place! I'll miss going to St.Louis but I won't miss this state at all!! No offense, people who love it here... Just my opinion! It's okay sometimes but not for metropolitan city people!!

ARMY bring us to the CITY life again!



Kahana said...

Happy Birthday to Dean!! You are so sweet with all the stuff you did for him! I bet he will have a great birthday today!!

SissyMerks said...

Sounds like you made it a great b-day for him.

edwin and angie said...

we are so excited to see you tomorrow! i wish i could take you guys with us to Cali... you KNOW i share the same sentiment about TN. if you're ever in the CA bay area, please, please, please let us know and come stay with us. anyways, you're so sweet to Dean for his bday... you guys are an AWESOME familia and am so glad we got to bond here in hellsville nashville... see ya guys tomorrow! yay! love, ate angie