Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Anybody need F150 Rims??? SOLD!!!!

They SOLD!
Putting this on my blog for my wonderful hubby!!

Click the link to see images....

Ok...These wheels and tires are almost new !!!! Here's the deal...I bought these wheels and tires almost new back in September 2007 and had them on the truck for about 2 months until I took them off in November before the winter. I put the wheels back on around April but decided to take them back off about 3 weeks later when I decided to trade in my truck because of the rising gas prices. So right now since I finally have the time to try to sell them because they need to go because they're just sitting around collecting dust in the garage. The wheels are 22" Cattivo 724 and the tires are 305/40/22 GoodYear Fortera's SL Edition. The tires were purchased (I have the receipt) at Sam's Club in Clarksville and come with the Road Hazard Warranty which entitle the owner to free rotation, balance and flat repair and the GoodYear warranty which will replace the tires for defect purposes if ever needed. The wheels have no defects what so ever...FLAWLESS!!!! Each spoke has a plastic insert that can be taken to be painted what ever color you choose or just left off...The choice is yours....All together this set cost me $2000.00 dollars.... I would like to have these wheels gone by winter so please make me an offer!!! ALL OFFERS WILL BE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION No trades please...If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask what so ever...I beleive the bolt pattern is 6x135mm...Please double check for fitment...I HAVE MORE PICTURES OF WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE WITHOUT THE INSERTS AND ALSO WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX...PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE IF YOUR INTERESTED


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