Thursday, September 25, 2008

ERRRR (&@(#&*@^*&^#*&^#

So, I go to use the camera that my husband JUST bought me and the freaking screen keeps showing its shattered!!!!!! So I got to the store to exchage the damn thing and they wont let me!!! I'm not a happy camper right now! I need a camera to take the pics of the stuff for my etsy shop!!
Anyone wanna help me out and donate a camera or moola?!?! Dang I'm so mad!!!!
Looks like I won't have stuff up for grabs till I can get a new camera!! Dang that stinks too cause I just made so many cute bows I haven't taken pics of yet!!! :(
I'm so upset I'm crying my butt off!!!! I can't live without my camera!!!!


missknits said...

oh wow!!! that totally sucks! why wouldnt they take it back? wow!! did you try ebay?? i hate using that word, but you might be able to find a reasonable one there instead to get you by! i cant imagine not having mine, its everything for us etsy sellers huh! i'm gonna go browse your shop too! and here's to hoping tomorrow is better!

Giftbearer said...

It sounds like they are ripping you off. Do they have a corporate office or is it just a small individual store?

If they have a corporate office you should write or call that and tell them the situation.

If that doesn't work try Wolf Camera if you have them in your state. The have a same as cash deal on their cameras where you sign up with credit through their store and you can get a nice one and just choose the longer time-frame to pay it off. I got a Nikon D-40 which has more than paid for itself! Check out my shop and you'll see the kind of pictures you can take with it! And it's easy to use too.

kimforbeads said...

Sorry about your camera, that totally sucks. Giftbearer has some great advice, I would call the corporate office & also fax or email a letter with the details. You might get some kind of resolution. Best wishes to you.

Terri said...

I wouldn't take no for an answer..I would ask no DEMAND for the manager. If you have a reciept and it is less than 30 days old they HAVE to either refund or exchange your item!!