Saturday, August 09, 2008

Leilani's First day of School

Yes, I went picture crazy!!
I would have taken more but I didn't want the teacher to think I was some crazy mom.
Leilani loved school! She met so many friends and come to find out a lot of them live right by us!! Which is awesome because IF SOMEDAY I do decide she can ride the bus it will be a bit better since her classmates will be on the same bus... But as for right now she will NOT ride a bus... I'm the paranoid mom!!
I feel so old now my baby is growing up! I still can't get over the fact she is already in SCHOOL!!!

I had to capture every moment LOL... Here she was eatting her breakfast!! YUM

Before we got in the car to go to school...

Waiting in the car for school to open... We got there like 40 minutes early!! Good thing we did cause it was PACKED!

Waiting for the doors to open... AJ really thought he was going to be going to school too...

Poor lil guy!

Yeah I think she was sick of taking pictures I think it was embarrassing her... Oh well I need to have all these pictures for my scrapbook and memories!!!

Coloring her morning activity

She forgot to untuck her shirt after going potty LOL

She was so proud of her work! Poor girl really tried to write her first and last name on that tiny little line!! cracks me up!

After school a couple of our neighbors invited us to go to this jumping place... what a blast that was!!


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Kahana said...

I still cant believe she is already in school!!! I remember when she was just walking! So crazy. I hope she has so much fun, and that teacher doesnt give her a hard time.