Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh man do I have a ton going on!

So Leilani will be starting school tomorrow and we met her teacher tonight!! I just pray that she does very well in school... Well I should put that differently I know she will I just pray that she doesn't learn bad things from other students... and of course you know my seperation anxiety! UGH I'm gonna miss her so much! AJ is going to be so lonely! But she will meet friends and have a blast! I'm sure!

So I've been working on some hairbows and jewelry and slowly adding them to my Etsy shop... Take a look tell me what you think and please do pass on to others :) Nothing in my store will be over 5.00....except tutus


I'll be adding all the jewelry I've made soonWe have just been super busy! I still have a ton of pictures to post from our vacation! So I'll get on that soon! Promise!