Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lunch with Leilani!!!

After I got off work today I went and had lunch with Leilani at school and what a trip that was! I really thought that we would be sitting with her class at their table... NOPE you sit at a table in the back with other parents and your child... It just made me feel a little sad for the other kids who didn't have their mommies or daddies there. But I'm sure they will have their day...
I still can't get over the fact that they serve themself in the line... they get their tray and get their own food and take their tray to their table and eat... So weird to see these lil kids do that big job! They have 30 mins to eat and then off to class.
I could tell Leilani was very happy to see us.
I still need to add the ONE picture I got of her getting on the bus yesterday (thanks to my camera that died!!!)
But the bus thing wont be happening for a good while!! She didn't like riding back home she was scared so no more of that. I don't know why the heck I even tried doing that! UGH! She is my baby!!!!
I better get dinner done... I'll post pictures later :)
(Suggested: $3.85 a gallon or $68 for a full tank)