Friday, May 30, 2008

Anyone else....?

Going organic? Or have been? I've done some of the baby food when my kids were little. And we do buy organic peanut butter which my kids and Dean love!
I wish I could go totally organic but it's pricey but so worth it! I told Dean when he makes rank and I go back to work we are doing nothing but organic!
Yesterday, I ran over to Target to get face powder cause I can't really do the foundation stuff especially in the summer.... anywho I saw some that was organic and I grabbed it! It comes in a cute little container... Yes it was a little more then the rest of them but it had a 2.00 coupon with it so I was all for it. I came home tried it and I love it! It goes on so much better then the others I've tried and to know its organic is even a bigger plus!
I think that ever since I saw that episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 when they had Sara Snow on there I just wanted to go more organic!!
Sara Snow has some great ways to go Green and great recipes to check out!!


Kahana said...

I do some organic stuff as well. I want to do the organic meat but its soo pricey and i cant afford it right now. The kids drink organic milk though which is good since they drink alot of it.
I love that show, John and Kate plus 8 and i saw that episode too! :)

~Kat's Life~ said...

We love that show... AJ says his girlfriend is Leah hahaha.