Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So, Leilani goes running to Papa this past weekend and tells him are you going to take a shower? You can take a shower with MeMo.... (my parents)
And Papa says... ummm its okay
Leilani says no really you can like mommy and daddy does... they always take showers together!!
Baby OMG Talk about embarrassing!! embarrassed haha I was blushing hard! I know we may be married for 7 years now but that is something you dont want your parents knowing haha.
So, Papa tells Dean and Dean's reaction is.... yeah we conserve our water that way!!! hahahahaha!!!!
laugh smiley


Kahana said...

OMG HAHAH that is hilarious!!! She says the funniest stuff ever!! Oh that made my day lol. I needed a laugh like that ;)

Kahana said...

I tagged you, go check out my blog to see what to do :D