Monday, May 19, 2008


We had went out to lunch with the kids and went to Nashville... What a lunch!
So we are all eating and enjoying the food talking about memories of our marriage since it was our anniversary.... Well in the middle of the table the waiter brings our a plate of some veggies and peppers... so we could add to our dish....
Sitting across from me is AJ and all the sudden he looks up rubbing his mouth saying hot... look down and he just ate a damn HOT ass pepper! We were giving him water to flush it down... NOTHING! So Dean gets up takes him to the bathroom to wash his hands and mouth only for AJ to rub his dang eyes!! OUCH!! My poor baby all Leilani and I could hear was him screaming I stopped eating from then on I just wanted to get the hell outta that place and go to the hospital!
Dean had took AJ to the car and AJ was so ready to leave but Leilani and I were still in the restaurant and I didn't have my debit card on me so we could pay and get the hell out.... So finally when they came back.... the waiter comes back with some kind of jello. AJ was gaging on it so that was that... then I take him to the bathroom to wash his poor red face to get all that pepper shit out! UGH!!
And I see a dish full of candy and lollipops so I grabbed a hand full and he started eating that lollipop and it made everything so much better. I think we made him eat about 10 candies with so many glasses of water. Then we were off to get ice cream!!
Thank GOD he knows how to control his potty and poop cause man he drank a ton of water!! So when I took him to the potty it was like a 20 min trip haha. YAY for no diapers!!!
That was suppose to be a good happy day for me but man with that drama who could really enjoy it??
Dean and I will be celebrating this coming weekend without kids!!! whoohoo! Thanks to my parents who will be coming down!! :)


Momma Booer said...

Saw you on cafemom (blogspot mommies). Just thought I'd tell you in case this happens again. Don't drink water! All that does is spread it around the mouth even more. Instead, you should eat bread or chips. Those sort of things soak it up instead. Trust me. I ate a hot hot HOT pepper and learned the hard way that bread and chips are the way to go, not water! lol