Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tomorrow is.....

Our 7th year anniversary!!! I still can't get over that it has been 7 years already!
Today is the actual day that we first started out 8 years ago as a couple! I'll never forget the day he walked off the plane. It was a special, hilarious moment! So, here it goes.....
8 years ago today, Dean got a flight out to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport... Seeing he was stationed at Ft.Lewis it was his first time ever coming to Seattle and I was there to greet him... His flight had arrived around 11pm. It was a Wednesday night and the FINAL episode of 90210 was on... Since it was about an hour drive (with traffic) to the airport from where I lived I left early and had missed it! errr luckily I taped that episode... But Dean is worth it! I had told my mom I was going with a friend to pick up Dean... I lied... I went all by myself!!! It was far and it was a school night and my mom was preggo with my little sister... So I knew if I told her the truth there was no way in hell she would have let me gone by myself!
So, I get to the airport nervous as hell! Back then you could meet your people at the gate... I sat in a seat where I would be the first person he saw when he got off the plane... but got so nervous I hide... He found me! He was so HOT!
I do have to explain this really quick... back in the day I was taller then Dean (he will never admit it) but I hit puberty first LOL.
When he walked over to me I was sitting down and I kept saying in my head OH SHIT I'M STILL TALLER THEN HIM!! I refused to walk next to him I either walked in front of him or behind him the whole way to baggage claim... well we get down to the car and he pulls me to him and says I know I didn't come all this way to not get a kiss. I then realized oh shit i'm worried for nothing he is mad taller then me! LOL he is 5'7 (on a good day) and I'm 5'2.... We kissed and the rest is history!!
Oh and he left my moms huge ass cell phone in the parking garage hahaha... Luckily he was able to get it the next day.
Oh wait... so we get in my car and he wants to drive I'm like ugh... you don't know where your going... that's when I found out my hubby is a total map nerd! He got us to my parents house without even asking me which way... and member GPS wasn't out like it is today back then LOL....
Tomorrow I'll have to tell you the story of our wedding day! :)