Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday the 25th of May!!

The 25th of May is the day Dean and I had our church wedding... So we consider it to be our other Anniversary....

On Sunday, Dean and "PaPa" (as the kids say) went to go for a run in the trails while the kids, my mom, and I went to the PX. Well, my mom and I figured they would be back at the house so we picked up some good yummy bagels from Einstein Bros Bagels... YUM!! And we brought them home... Well what do ya know no one was home....

They finally get back from their run and I notice Dean being a lil odd... He went to the shower and turned it on but yet came back out with his shirt off walking around kinda following me... I just kept thinking in my head go take a shower! LOL....

Well, he goes in the shower and my parents and I are in the kitchen talking and the home phone rings... it's his coworker so I walk over to the bathroom to see if Dean wants it or what... He opens the shower and says did you get my text message I sent you?........

Well to make a long story short I go back in the kitchen to look for my cell and behind it is a card that he got me. It was the most beautiful card and text message!! Even after all these years he still knows how to make me blush and make my heart skip a beat!!

My phone was suppose to beep when I got the text so I would see the card but I ruined it since it was on vibrate :(

We went over to Starbucks and let the kids play at the park... It was HOT out!!!

(before the park, Leilani)





(Athena, my Little sister!!)






(Me and PaPa)

We came home and we all took a good hour long nap. The heat just took all the energy out of us all....

We get up and off to the Chinese Resturant... (My moms choice) What can I say I was wanting all you can eat king crab legs too!! LOL

Crab Legs! mmmm

Getting back home was the funny part!! We took one car and me and my mom rode in the very back of the car/trunk haha. This is what happens when you stick us in the back....

Then a cop was behind us so we ducked haha..

Dean and I wanted to get some more alone time together...We really took advantage of my parents being here!! We went on a bike ride last night and I really like going at night... I was all bikered out too LOL... I had some holes in my jeans and a cute top on with some tim's on hahaha...
We drove down to the "river" (can't you tell we live in the damn country!! RIVER not beach or Ocean... RIVER!!!) And we went for a walk it was nice to get out and walk and talk. I wish we were able to do stuff like that more often. But it's hard cause I'm really weird when it comes to people watching my kids... I'm way over protected and don't trust a lot of people. So, when my parents come over or we go there it's nice cause we can go out as a couple.

I wish this weekend never ended....


Kahana said...

You and your mom crack me up!!! I was laughing the whole post lol.
The kids are getting so big! They are adorable. I love Leilani's outfit, so cute!