Monday, May 26, 2008

My weekend was great!!!

My parents and little sister came for the holiday weekend...
The hubby and I got to celebrate our 7 year anniversary and let me tell you it was GREAT getting to spend one on one time with the love of my life!!!

Saturday we went over to the cave and trails and walked it with the kids and my parents that was a trip I tell ya! AJ wanted my mom who is 5 foot tall to carry him the whole way... Let me remind you all AJ is not light! LOL... The crazy thing is my mom held him most of the time!! That was a 2 mile walk we did!!
(My little sister, Athena)

(Leilani, AJ, and Athena)

When we got back home Dean asked if I wanted to go on the motorcycle since I wanted to get my haircut I said why not... So we went on the motorcycle and let me tell you when I first rode it 2 years ago I hated it... Now I LOVE it!!!!

Here is my new hair... minus the color... I'll be doing that tomorrow...Don't mind the messiness of it... I just flipped it with my hands really quick

When we got back my mom BBQ'd and that was YUM!! She made a ranch chicken on the grill and hot dogs for the kids.... I made baked beans and fries to go on the side... with a couple cocktails for the parents :)

Dean and I got ready to go out and let me tell you... We went to Nashville and we were going to go to Hard Rock Cafe.... Which was cool and all but the minute we got downtown I was like uhhhhh check out all these cowboys hahaha... Too much country music for Dean... So we ended up going to Dave & Busters!! LOVE THAT PLACE!!!

We ordered chips and dip since we already ate... and drinks... Yeah enough to make me drunk hahaha....

First drink:

Mango Berry- Run with the bulls with our blend of Malibu Mango rum, orange juice, Red Bull and strawberry mix.

Second drink:

(Long Island's are my favorite!!! But I love it with Cherry Coke... So I had asked for Cherry Coke but they only do that cherry grenadine stuff so I had opted for that... They just gave me that minus the coke and let me tell you that was some strong stuff!!!)
TNTea- Pure dynamite! We blend ABSOLUT vodka, Tanqueray gin and Bacardi rum, then add Grand Marnier, sweet-n-sour and Coca-Cola®, served in a souvenir glass that's yours to keep.

Third Drink:

The Shizzle- Not one, but two flavors of rum ~ Malibu Coconut and Malibu Pineapple ~ in the mix with smooth Stoli Vanil and pineapple juice.

Mind you, after the 1st drink I was already buzzing.... I'm a cheap date my hubby likes it that way haha. We had a blast! We really needed that getaway. It reminded me of when we were dating way back when... Oh I love my husband!!

(After a couple of drinks...)

(My Wonderful Hubby)
(Walking back to the car... Yeah I'm drunk!!)
(I think Dean wanted to take a pic of himself hahaha)


Kahana said...

Awwwww best friend you guys are soo cute!! Im so glad you guys were able to get out while your mom and dad were there. Its always nice to do that.

kristi said...

I love the haircut!

Kristi said...

Wow!! Hair cut is great... and you guys look like you are having a blast. Love it!