Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Wedding Story

Seven years ago today, Dean and I got married!

Seems like yesterday...

Dean, my sister Sabrina, my mom and I were in the kitchen and Dean had looked up and was ready to ask my mom for permission to marry me... when my sister blurts out to my mom they are already married... my mom looked at me like you probably are...
I had told Dean earlier lets not tell anyone but just have our best friends there and then when Dean got back from his year tour in Korea then we would tell people... Dean totally disagreed. He looks up at my mom and asks for her permission she basically told him as long as you take good care of my daughter which I know you will you have my permission. There is no one else I would pick for my daughter to marry then you.

Tiffany, my best friend flew all the way to Washington. It was her first time ever getting on a plane.. Thank you Tiff for being apart of our special day!! We love you!

We took Tiffany out the week she was with us and had a blast....

Our wedding day came around. (As most of you know Dean and I had a courthouse wedding and a big catholic church wedding a year later) Anywho, So we are all getting ready to go down to the courthouse... I was nervous as hell but anxious... We get there and the judge asks us to sign the marriage certificate and I screw up signing my own freaking name!! The name I had for 18 years I just now forgot how to spell it! Dean just signed his name perfectly and here I signed my name like I didn't know how to spell it! LOL
We have our little ceremony and my parents take us all out to lunch ... as we were walking back to the car from the restaurant my parents go looks like this will be the first time they sleep together but at least they now have our permission hahaha! RIGHT! Like we really needed that! haha
That night was the most happiest and saddest night of my like... I was now a married woman to the best guy I know but my husband was about to leave in 16 hours to Korea for a full year! But at least we knew no matter what we would have each other.
Close or apart we were still together at heart!
Our big wedding was May 25,2002... AND YOUR DAMN RIGHT WE CELEBRATE THAT ONE TOO!!
Shoot, a couple can't celebrate enough how much love has grown for one another.
I love you Dean!
I thank GOD everyday that we were able to reconnect with each other again and bless us with our beautiful family!