Friday, May 16, 2008

What to do....

There is nothing to do here! I'm telling you moving from a big city like Seattle to a country hick town like this is the worst! I'm so sick of being here! I think we all are. We always have no place to go on the weekends unless "its for a drive" which is nice cause its family time and all but still. UGH I just really wanna get the hell outta here! I know this is the ARMY life and I just have to deal with it where ever he goes I go.... But sheesh I wish we could have gotten a better place then hell!! Seriously!
We still don't really know what we are going to do for our Anniversary! If we were in Washington, Dean probably would have set up something nice and sweet for us to do. But being here there is really nothing to do unless you love country music... It's fine by me but not Dean. And we aren't the club goers. So really it's a lose lose situation being out here.... The only thing I love about being here is our house we bought other then that forget it. I can always find another house somewhere else LOL.
I think I'm just really having one of those days where I'm sick and tired of being in HELL!